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About New Nouveau

New Nouveau is a passion project by NYC & Jersey-Shore based designer Jen Sclafani. While receiving her master's degree in Communications Design from Pratt Institute, Jen drew as a way to clear her mind from the stresses of graduate school. Her love of design and letters, as well as her love of the Art Nouveau period of design in the late 1800s, inspired her to start a typographic collection of floral lettering, of which she has almost completed all 26. Her drawing style is organic and emotional, and she juxtaposes whimsicality of organic lines with rigid geometric shapes, especially circles.

Jen is also a music fanatic, and her work is inspired by psychedelic, jam and funk music, which is extremely emotional and improvisational. The music posters of the 1960s, especially those by Victor Moscoso, Stanley Mouse and Wes Wilson, have all inspired her work.

New Nouveau is currently sold exclusively online, but will be expanding to art fairs this summer.

You can find Jen's graphic design work at